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360 videos

Kinolet is pleased to present a new offer. 360° video production. For these projects, our team are creating professional advertisements and presentations using the 360° video format. Our scriptwriter will offer a great idea for your brand, and the film director will be able to unleash the full potential of the 360° shooting within a given concept.


We use a 360° video camera with built-in stabilization system and equipment for remote control of the camera motion. Using this we can create perfectly smooth pictures from the ground and air. Shooting equipment includes the following items:

  • 360° video camera system with 11 Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition cameras. Film can also be made using in 4К to 8К format, which is perfect for shooting close objects. It also may be used as a self-stabilization head, for example, when shooting with an electronic wheel or walking on foot;
  • The multicopter is a powerful drone with a 360° camera, capable of resisting the strong winds that often occur in open spaces;
  • Cabled camera. Which is suitable for filming from the air in confined areas such as indoors or between trees; 
  • A moving platform. Which is ideal for shooting in a room with low ceilings and shooting in an open area on prepared tracks

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Advantages of 360° video

  • 360° video provides maximum effect of the presence of all possible visual tools available at the moment;
  • 360° film about your company or product can be placed on websites and any conventional media resources such as Facebook or Youtube;
  • This video can be viewed using the special head-mounted display, which create the maximum effect of presence.
How can I watch them?

In 2015, YouTube and Facebook added a function for loading 360° video with the possibility of its playback. Apart from these two social networks, there are several resources that support 360° video including: LittlStar and Kolor Eyes. So now this kind of video can be placed on any website. 

You can watch 360° video in three ways:

  • On a computer (for example, a posted video on your site). In this case a spectator, using the mouse or touchpad, can look in any direction;




  • With a smartphone or tablet. Using the gyroscope of the device acts like a mouse, so you just need to look around by tilting the device; 




  • Using a head-mounted display, in which a smart phone can be inserted, for example, Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR.

360° video stitching

Until recently, video stitching could only be done manually, by using professional programs such as Adobe Premiere, PTGui, Nuke etc. The development of new technology has been limited by the complexity of the process and the lack of internet platforms and devices by which this content could be easily spread. The first problem, as we have already mentioned, have been solved by YouTube and Facebook and the company, Kolor, managed to deal with the second one by creating a user-friendly software product, Autopano Giga, which allows even a newbie to stitch videos.

We offer you the chance to play 360° videos on your devices. Below are two videos from one of our projects that have been added to two different resources: YouTube and LittleStar:


Kinolet has a large portfolio of 360° video projects created from the ground and from the air. Our clients include: Rixos, ClubMed, Kaspersky, Sberbank, Rosatom and others. To view some our projects follow this link


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