KinoLet has years of experience in various fields of aerial filming (construction, the movie industry, sports and entertainment events, etc.). Today we are pleased to offer to you a new an entirely new prospect: agricultural aerial filming and photography.

Here are some sample solutions for agriculture that we can offer:

  • aerial photography and aerial filming for the monitoring of or for the subsequent creation of promotional films;
  • оorthophotomapping of fields for further inventory work;
  • 3D-models of the terrain for analysis and the construction of irrigation systems;
  • controls for cultivation quality;
  • conduct environmental monitoring of agricultural lands and an inventory of farmlands;
  • determine the normalized vegetation index (NDVI);
  • infrared thermal filming and the analysis of plant growth through the use of thermal pictures that identify the locations of differing soil temperatures, which will help increase crop harvest volumes.
Each client is treated individually and we always have on offer a flexible system of discounts which applies to regular customers.

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