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Aerial filming using unmanned aerial vehicles.

KinoLet projects combine the expertise of our dedicated professionals and the most advanced imaging technologies!

Aerial filming has never been so affordable and at such high-quality! Originally aerial filming was used only by professionals for films and videos, then over time, the use of these technologies become possible for more commonplace events such as sports and music, and in advertising, construction, environmental monitoring and the control of fires, tourism, rooftop inspections, weddings, the creation of aerial tours and even in archeology. Today, aerial filming is required and is used almost everywhere and our team prides itself on the qualitative performance of our work. The quality of KinoLet aerial filming is solely designed to no only meet our customer’s requirements but to exceed them. Our capabilities are unlimited. Our use of high-quality video and photo shots from the air let us create spherical panoramic images or to shoot videos with 360 degree coverage to create truly spectacular imagery. 

Our team of professionals has worked throughout almost all regions of Russia: Moscow and Moscow region, Leningrad region, Karelia, Belgorod, Krasnodar, Kazan, Smolensk, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl and many other cities and regions. Now we are spreading our wings and branching out into Europe and countries beyond.

Aerial filming with kinolet multicopter

Not only do we like our work and we also like to perform it efficiently. We constantly monitor the development of aerial video and photographic technologies and our engineers are always improving our unmanned devices. Today we use the most modern aerial survey techniques using:

  • unmanned helicopter – multicopter (octocopter, hexacopter);
  • cutting-edge 3-axis gimbal steadicam on brushless motors which allows us to shoot high-definition video without jerking and twitching, and also to perform non-standard fly-overs and aerial tracking;
  • professional cameras (Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, RED Epic Dragon 6K, RED Scarlet 4K, etc.).

The dynamics of aerial filming using the unmanned aerial vehicles and the continuous development of technologies requires our professionals to be constantly updating their skills and competencies. Our company’s specialists are experienced professional pilots, trained to understand and use aerial filming technology.The most difficult thoughts and ideas of our customer are a long-awaited challenge for us!

We are glad to help you to realize your goals and dreams!

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