Aerial shooting for a movie

To get the most out of aerial filming for movies we have created a powerful multicopter and a special gimbal that is able to work with movie cameras such as the Red Epic Dragon, Red Epic, Red Scarlet and Arri Alexa Mini. Using this multicopter our team has participated in the shooting of more than 20 films and advertising projects. For the best shots we use Carl Zeiss lenses or lenses provided the client (by agreement). Thanks to the high-quality gimbal, it is possible to use lenses with a focal length up to 50 mm, which reduces and in many cases removes jitter and vibration in the frame. The multicopter is able to attain a high speed, which is important for filming car chases. Its maximum speed, at which it is possible to get a perfectly stable picture, is 80 km/h. 

Our showreel

RED Cine Showreel 2015 from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Kinolet Showreel 2015 from KinoLet on Vimeo.


  • The multicopter is prepared for aerial flight, it can also be quickly disassembled and compactly folded;
  • A set of 8 batteries and two powerful battery chargers means it can shoot without interruption for one complete filming day;
  • Возможно использовать радиофокус.

The cost of aerial filming using the Red Scarlet camera starts from $1100. You can find out more information about prices in this section

Special offers
For projects which are filmed on location which are three days or longer we provide significant discounts, call us to find out details.

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