Aerial filming for architects

Kinolet is pleased to present you a range of filming services for architects using our amazing multicopter camera systems. 

Visual analysis before designing.

Using one of our multicopters and high-quality photographic equipment, our highly skilled multicopter pilots can film subjects at a distances from 1 to several hundred meters. The results can then be used for preliminary work, such as the construction of a cartogram of defects or for measuring operations and can be achieved much faster than by walking. Photographing an area from height for the subsequent 3D-modeling of an object is very popular among our customers.

An example of a cartogram of defects and the implementation of 3D-models using aerial photography.

Aerial shooting using LIDAR

For a more accurate and faster construction of 3D-models of objects or for the examination of areas we use laser scanning from a special LIDAR system for our multicopters, which has an accuracy of <2cm. 

Sample video filmed using this method:


This service is new and we have not set a fixed price. Please contact us to discuss the price individually.

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