Aerial filming for buildings under construction

Aerial filming for buildings under construction is especially in demand when it is important to show the scale of the process, reveal its strengths and impress everyone by your approach to business. Such videos are an important tool for reporting to investors, shareholders, founders or government organizations.


  • We produce aerial filming using professional equipment in high resolution, up to 4K;
  • Making commercials for presentations or “turnkey” exhibitions;
  • Создание рекламных роликов для презентаций или выставок “под ключ”;
  • If necessary, we can help you to get permission from the Federal Protective Service for making an official aerial film over Moscow.

We’d like to draw your attention to our showreel highlighting our capabilities in the field of filming construction:

Construction DemoReel 2015 from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Aerial filming for the Renaissance Construction company:

Renaissance Construction Avia Park Shopping Center from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Example of aerial filming with flights inside the building:

Aerial filming of the factory from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Example of the implementation of 3D-objects in aerial shooting:

Aerial+3D = Kinolet+Mercator from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Panoramas of every floor

To give an understanding of the specific characteristics of future apartments/rooms, we offer a special multi-aeropanorama which starts from as low as 3 meters and ends with the highest floor of a skyscraper. Here is an example of one such project made for one of our clients:

Aeropanorama for the district under construction

Aeropanorama is a handy tool to demonstrate the construction of the entire facility. анорама – удобный инструмент для демонстрации всего объекта строительства.

Building diary

With help of aeropanoramas, aerial photography and aerial video recording it is possible to create a diary of construction, which will show all the stages of a construction project, starting from the laying of the foundation and finishing with the completed article. For this service, we are please to announce our special offer, call us to find out more!


The cost of professional aerial filming starts from $490, shooting with the GoPro camera starts from $230. You can learn more information about the price in this section.

Special offers

  • When ordering aerial filming for one filming day, the aeropanorama of your object will be given to you as a gift;
  • If you order more than 10 panoramas or at the conclusion of a contract for the creation of aeropanoramas with periodic updates, prices will be considered individually based on the requirements.

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