Creation of orthophotomaps

Kinolet is pleased to offer a new service for aerial photography of areas, with further processing of the images, to create orthophotomaps and matrixes of topographical heights.

The project is produced using our equipment and can be widely applied to various fields such as:

  • The creation of topographical maps;
  • The creation of orthophotomaps;
  • Boundary surveying, topographic surveys, land management;
  • Analysis of the development of quarries;
  • Planning for excavation and construction works;
  • Monitoring of industrial facilities (power line inspection, oil / gas pipelines, canals);
  • Monitoring wildlife sanctuaries, search and reconnaissance operations.

The accuracy and resolution of the obtained orthophotomaps and heights matrixes can be used to create topographical plans to scale; 1 : 5000, 1 : 2000, 1 : 1000, 1 : 500.


  • We use modern cameras with a large matrix for filming, which allows us to obtain high-quality photos and orthophotomap resolutions of up to 1 cm per pixel using, for example, a Sony Alpha A5000 with a resolution of 20 MP;
  • Working altitude for the flight is 20 – 300 meters;
  • Area of coverage per filming day is up to 1000 ha.

An individual approach

It is our company policy to treat each client and every project individually. We are always open to discussion and negotiation, taking into account your objectives, requirements and means.


The minimum cost of the service starts from $300 and scales depending on the volume of work, the remoteness of the surveyed facilities and the required filming precision.

Please contact us to calculate the cost of your order!