Virtual tours

KinoLet, specialists in aerial photography and aerial filming, invite you to create a unique virtual tour and aerial panorama of your hotel, ski resort or other location for your visitors.


The panorama is made using a professional, powerful multikkopter utilising high-quality cameras at altitudes from 10 to 400 meters, shooting is possible in winds up to 20 m/sec.

Megapixel aerial panorama

Through the use of a powerful and high-quality photographic multicopter, we are one of the few companies that can offer the exclusive service of shooting megapixel aerial panorama using megapixel technology – in this format, you can zoom in very close to an object to understand it better – the following example demonstrates this panorama technique:

Design and programming

In addition to creating high-quality panoramas, we can offer you an individual approach to programming and design, for example, the introduction of panoramic photos, tags, ground panoramas, Google maps, menus, create icons on your corporate identity, etc., see the following examples:

Aerial photography in Turkey

The introduction of a virtual tour and design

Case Study menu

Case Study pictures


The cost of one aerial panorama is only $250. We offer additional discounts when more than 5 panoramas are ordered.


  • professional equipment;
  • individual approach to programming and design;
  • creation of the aerial panorama, both from the air and from the ground;

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