Kinolet offers high-quality aerial video and photography using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in the following areas:

  • Aerial / aerial on RED, Blackmagic 4K, Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D Mark III, DJI Inspire, GoPro;
  • Virtual tours / the creation of panoramas, virtual walks and tours;
  • 360° video from above / the creation of videos and presentations using the new 360° video format;
  • Live broadcasts / for television or for events from the air using Full HD format without delay;
  • Rent multicopters / rent multicopters with cameras from RED to the ever popular GoPro;
  • Rent electronic stabilization systems / for photo and video cameras.

Our services have a wide range of applications:

  • Filming / high quality aerial filming using movie cameras;
  • Advertisement / commercial adverts, shooting adverts for television;
  • Music videos / video shoots;
  • Events / sporting events and music concerts;
  • Weddings / excellent perspectives for other important events;
  • Real Estate / aerial filming over residential complexes, cottage villages, shopping, entertainment and logistics centers;
  • Buildings / bridges, houses, industrial facilities, dams;
  • Multi-storey buildings from the air / photos, videos and panoramas from the air for housing and communal services;
  • Agriculture / definition of NDVI, infrared and thermal aerial filming, video and photos from above;
  • Surveying / creating orthophotoplans, vertical filming;
  • Architecture / visual analysis, cartogram of facade defects, aerial filming of terrain for future building.

Types of aerial photography and filming:

Art aerial photography and filming

This type of filming is shot using long perspective. The Art perspective is different from other perspective aerial photography and filming by its approach to the choice of lighting (shooting is generally conducted in the morning sunshine or in the soft dimmed evening light). We select low flight altitudes for the camera, which is usually around 200 meters. 

Art aerial photography and filming is used to produce high-quality photos and video of recreation areas, cottage villages, objects and places of cultural heritage, etc. For example, if your company is engaged in the construction and sale of cottages, then you can attract potential buyers through the use of engaging viewpoint photos and videos of the village using a bird’s eye view. So customers will see what you are selling in its natural surroundings and in the most favorable light. This may be the proximity of a river or lake, a beautiful forest in the sunlight, the architectural appearance of the object in question. We ourselves, as a team whose passion is film making and photography, are always looking for the most spectacular and successful perspectives and facilities for shooting, but we always take into account the requests and wishes of clients.

Planned aerial photography (photomap)

The specifics of this type of aerial photography is that the plane of the aerial camera is parallel to the plane of earth’s surface (i.e. the lens looks directly down) allowing us to see every object on the plan, from directly above where they sit, in the captured frames. Depending on the height of the UAV the camera captures various areas of shooting surface. The minimum height used for this method is 200 meters.

Depending on the size of the object(s), and the shooting area, our experts plan each photographic segment separately into:

  • Frames;
  • Taking of a pair of aerial photographs;
  • Route;
  • Shooting polygonal or linear objects (Such as, power lines, roads, rivers and coastline);
  • Areal shooting is used for filming subjects which are large in scale, the shape of which can be either a regular (square), and irregular.

Planned aerial photography is actively used by surveyors, developers, foresters and designers, and is often necessary in order to understand the geometry of space (how much of it is occupied or free). Our specialists produce such aerial photography and film using several approaches, dependent on the needs of the client, and are constantly monitoring the angle of the camera on our unmanned aerial vehicles. Then, after all the pictures are collected they are collated into a single seamless photomap.

Specific panoramic aerial filming

With panoramic aerial photography and filming, an object is presented within a large capture of the surrounding area with the object being located in the center of the aerial photograph. Our experts will endeavor to film the object from every possible angle, so that they do not miss any attractions or features that surround it, which will present the central focus object in the most attractive light. In addition to the artistic value, the aerial photographs are used to assess the prospects for the further development of an area. The variation of heights used during the specific aerial photography is dependent on the requirements, but ranges between 150 and 400 meters.

Specific low-altitude aerial filming

For specific aerial filming the fundamental characteristics of the photograph is the detail of objects, both large and small. 

A feature of specific low-altitude aerial filming is the high definition and detailing of images, which show perfectly any architectural design, landscape features and terrain, advertising banners and inscriptions. This kind of filming is taken from a low altitude (150-200 meters) with medium and full-format flying cameras and is actively used to visualize the cottage and low-rise buildings, cottage construction and land planning.