Multi-storey buildings from the air

In recent years the aerial filming of multi-storey buildings has become increasingly popular, because it allows the buyer to assess the potential of a new place of residence, the surrounding infrastructure, and the proximity of forest parks and ponds, etc.

We offer an aerial photography and filming services and the creation of an aeropanorama for multi-storey buildings, including buildings under construction.

Aerial filming and video creation for exhibition displays

Promotional video for the SU-22 from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Promotional video for the construction company

Promotional video for “Vesta-SF Ramenskoye” from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Aerial filming is used as a tool for project presentation for the Commission of urban planning

Such aerial filming is often used in the construction phase, when the developer has to go through the commission at the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development. The video presented below demonstrates how advantageously the neighborhood fits into the overall architecture, in contrast to the old houses located nearby.

Aerial filming for real estate from KinoLet on Vimeo.

Panoramas of every floor

To give an understanding of the specific characteristics of future apartments/rooms, we offer a special multi-aeropanorama which starts from as low as 3 meters and ends with the highest floor of a skyscraper. Here is an example of one such project made for one of our clients:

Aeropanorama for a district under construction

Aeropanoramas are a handy tool to demonstrate the construction of an entire facility. By shooting aeropanoramas periodically we can create a convenient dairy of the building process, which will show all stages of the construction starting with the laying of the foundation and finishing by showing the completed article.

Gigapixel aeropanorama

Through the use of a powerful multicopter and high-quality shooting equipment, we are one of the few teams that can offer this exclusive service, namely the shooting of gigapixel aeropanorams using multi resolution technology. This technology allows us to make an extremely close approach on an object in the panorama, as you can see in the example below:

Our features

  • We make “turnkey” commercials. There is no need to visit several specialists for the writing of a script, for making sound for material or for creating graphics. We can make all of it;
  • Based on our experience and the wishes of the client, we choose such points as the take off location and the flight height of the multicopter which allows a multi-storey building or a neighborhood to be seen in videos or photos in the most advantageous way possible.


The cost of professional aerial filming starts from $490, shooting with the GoPro camera starts from $230. You can learn more information about the price in this section.

Special offers

  • When ordering aerial filming for one filming day, the aeropanorama of your object will be given to you as a gift;
  • If you order more than 10 panoramas or at the conclusion of a contract for the creation of aeropanoramas with periodic updates, prices will be considered individually based on the requirements.

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